White Tail Run Winery, LLC was started in 2003 by Dan Fuller with the help of his wife Nancy,  son Dusty, daughter-in-law Jennifer and daughter Christy.  Dan had just retired and decided to grow grapes to keep him busy in his retirement.  After growing grapes for a couple of years Dan decided to try his hand at winemaking.  The first wine he made was from the Seyval grape.  He entered the wine into a competition for amateurs and won a bronze.  After the success of that first wine competition he started to make plans with his family to start the winery and vineyard full time.  We now have 5 acres of vines with 4 different varieties of grapes.  


Dan is a man not willing to sit and relax in retirement. Within a few months he decided that he wanted to try out a life long ambition. So he started to learn and apply the results in a simple hobby that quickly grew into much more.


Dan "Dusty" Fuller Jr. - VINTNER

"Dusty" decided that his father's new hobby was interesting and helped out, only to be drawn into the heart of the process. Today he's the head Vintner at White Tail Run. Something his High School teachers would have never guessed.


Christy Fuller-Flyntz - MARKETING

Christy has a nose for wines as it turns out and can convey the flavors in a way customers can appreciate. That is why if you come visit us you'll probably see her serving up her family's work at our beautiful tasting room.