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From the start we've always felt that competition is a good way to see where we stand. We're very proud of all our awards but some definitely stand out.


2012 Jefferson Cup

This was a big one for us. The Jefferson Cup is the largest competition we enter to date. Our Dry Oak Chambourcin brought home the top award for this competition.

2013 - Jefferson Cup

We followed up our first Jefferson Cup with a second one the very next year. This time we were awarded "the cup" for our Semi Sweet Seyval. Always a popular white that stands apart from other Seyval wines. This award proved what we've known all along, we've got something pretty special in this one.



Finger Lakes & Mid-America

We beat out a lot of strong competition for this one. Our Dry Seyval stood out and brought home a gold from Finger Lakes for us.


Below is a list of some additional awards we have won throughout the years...


Bronze at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - LaCrosse, Dry Oak Chambourcin, and Frisky Fawn

Gold at Mid-America Wine Competition - Vignoles


Gold at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - Peach Wine

Double Gold at the Jefferson Cup - LaCrosse

Sweepstakes Nomination at the Mid-America Wine Competition - Dry Oak Chambourcin